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KELTEC Technolab manufactures the following products:


Air Oil Separators

Oil Filters

Ammonia Coalescers

Air Compressor Filters

Compressor Filters

Compressed Air Housings

Refrigeration Coalescers

Compressor Lubricant

HVAC Filters


Drain Valves




Compressed air and gas is essential in many industries for its use in equipment operation, instrumentation, refrigeration and a variety of industrial processes. Clean, oil-free air or gas is a requirement to reduce maintenance and replacement costs. Unfortunately, even atmospheric air contains objectionable contaminants, in both solid and liquid forms, that must be removed prior to the use of the compressed gas. Additionally, in many compressor and vacuum packages, oil is intentionally introduced as a coolant and sealant which must also be taken out prior to air use.


   Deep Filter

Another common method of obtaining increased air flow capacity from a given size air-oil separator is to manufacture the element in so called...


   Standard Oil Separators

The standard conventional oil separator is the original design for the removal of oil aerosols from the compressed air stream.

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Pleated Air Oil

One common method of increasing the capacity of a given sized air-oil separator is through the use of pleated filter media.